Real Madrid Benzema Justifies his Panenka Penalty Attempt against Manchester City

Karim Benzema explained his Panenka penalty during Real Madrid Champions League semi-final. The forward risked with a cheeky chip from the penalty spot but eventually won. First leg against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium last month.

The Frenchman’s stunning penalty strike resulted in a 4-3 in favor of the hosts. It ensured that Real Madrid was close enough to force extra time in the thrilling second leg a week later. Allowing them to go to the final against Liverpool.

Benzema scored the game-dominating objective from the punishment spot once again. But it was his finish in Manchester that had everyone talking. And he has now confess that it was a move he had been saving for a big game.

What did Benzema say on his Panenka?

In an interview with UEFA, the attacker said, “I had been trying for a long time.” “In such a high-pressure contest, I waited for the appropriate opportunity to strike. In a sense, the pressure is gone, [or] it’s good pressure, which enables you to accomplish this.

“It was my view; I cannot speak for others, I set the ball down, knowing I would complete the task and I had no other thoughts; I merely contemplated completing it.”

When asked about his dramatic look as he watched the finish, Benzema said he was confident the ball was going in. “I maintained my focus on the ball since it was a fantastic strike. And this is why I was observing it, not because I believed it would strike the bar.

Karim Benzema explains Panenka with a casual remark during Man City vs. Real Madrid

Karim Benzema said his confidence never wavers after ending his penalty drought against Manchester City with an ice-cold panenka. The semi-final of the Winners League was a seven-goal thriller in which the defending Premier League champions prevailed 4-3. Three times, the Spanish team trailed by two goals but was able to reply each time Pep Guardiola’s team extended their advantage.

And Benzema’s penalty strike, which made the score 4-3 and gave the Spanish team a fighting chance in the return leg at the Bernabeu, exemplified the drama that transpired at the Etihad. The French striker, who is now probably the finest player in the world, scored an audacious punishment – his 40th objective – with the game in the balance after Aymeric Laporte handled the ball in the penalty area.

Benzema had missed three of his four penalty kicks, including two in the same game against Osasuna last week. However, he maintained his composure to lob the ball past Ederson in the center of the net.

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