How to Register at OKBET

OKBET will take you through the registration procedure efficiently. It could help you set up your betting account quickly and easily. Furthermore, placing a wager after completing the simple registration process may save you time and effort.

To make an OKBET account, first, go to the OKBET website (okbet.com).

On the right side of the OKBET website, click the sign-up button (the yellow one).

When you click, you may see a sign-up form with the following information on your screen:

If you accept an invitation to join OKBET, you will have given a referral code. You may also recommend people and email them coupons to gain a referral bonus. (if you do not have an account go to okbet.com and follow the okbet registration process)

You must give a unique username for the website to approve your request (if the username is already taken, it will appear on the screen).

Use a mix of small and large capital letters, a special character, and a number when creating a password. Choose a safe and unique password to protect your OKBET account.

Enter the chosen password again to test whether the two match.

Enter your withdrawal pin. You may use it to withdraw your profits as soon as you win a wager.

To get OKBET account notifications and updates, enter your active mobile phone number.

You will get a verification code after inputting your active mobile number, which will allow you to link your mobile number to your OKBET account.

When you get an SMS verification code, enter it into the box and click “sign up.”
Lastly, you may now log in to your OKBET account on the right side of the OKBET website (Login blue button)
So, congratulations, you are now an OKBET member. Play now, place more bets, and win right now!

How to Deposit at OKBET

At OKBET, we will guide you through depositing transactions and assure you that you can do it without hassle. Let’s start with how to deposit at OKBET. The following may help you do it easily.

Browse to the OKBET website (if you do not have an account go to okbet.com and follow the Okbet registration process)

Go to the login button (blue)

Enter your username and password. Then click log in.

After that, you’ll have transmitted it to the OKBET home page. Go to the upper right corner of the OKBET website and select deposit (yellow).

Once you click the deposit button, the screen will display the following information:

If you need a deposit transaction, go to Transfer. Select “Recharge record” if you only want to review your deposited transaction.

Once you click on one of these, you will have presented a list of several banks and e-wallets. Your screen may also show a bank/e-wallet card.

BDO (Bank)
Account: 1111111111
Address: Philippines

Gcash (E-wallet)
Account: 222222222
Address: Philippines

Copy the account number and name and paste them into the Top-up information entry.

Top-up amount– Enter the deposit amount here.
Verified name– Copy and paste your bank/e-wallet card’s account name, or enter your verified name.
Bank card number– Enter your bank account number, or copy and paste it from the above-shown bank card.
Top-up time: When you deposit, enter the day and time, or use the calendar on the right side to select the date and time.
Current balance: This section will automatically display your current balance. It will also tell you if you have any money left over or if you need to make a deposit.
Submit: Lastly, click submit to make a successful deposit then you’re done.

How to Withdraw from OKBET

Current Log-in Password
Withdrawal password
Confirm password
Fill out all of the forms before clicking the “Submit” button.
Next, on the left, you’ll see buttons for Deposit, Withdraw, Fund details, Feedback, and Self-exclusion. Then choose “Withdraw” from the list.

In this stage, you must choose between a bank card and an e-wallet.
When you choose E-wallet/Bankcard, your credit card information will have presented on the screen.


Proceed to the withdrawal information and fill out the appropriate forms, such as:
Bank number
Mobile number
The OTP SMS verification code
Withdrawal time
OTP SMS verification code

Withdrawal records
You can evaluate and trace your transactions using these withdrawal records.

Withdrawal password
Last, you must verify or confirm your password. Also, if you need to change your password, click on Withdrawal password.

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