EA Sports and FIFA will Separate Club and Player names and Two Football Games

The popular and long-running EA Sports Federation International de Football Association. Video game series will conclude with the release of FIFA 23, EA Sports and FIFA have revealed. Electronic Arts (EA) was the first to disclose the high-profile split. With the publisher confirming that FIFA 23 would still be released this year. But will succeed by EA Sports FC. Few specifics regarding EA Sports FC have closed, but more information is due in July.

Shortly afterward, FIFA released a statement confirming the termination of the collaboration. And announced the release of many new football video games produced with third-party studios and publishers. Including FIFA 24 and a variety of non-simulation football games. These declarations marked the termination of EA Sports and FIFA’s 30-year association.

President of FIFA Gianni Infantino was optimistic about the future of FIFA games without EA Sports. “I can tell you that the only genuine, legitimate FIFA game will be the finest option for gamers. And football enthusiasts,” said Infantino.

Volta Football, Ultimate Team, and Pro Clubs Football

FIFA 23 is scheduled for release in September 2022, with no changes to the gameplay experience compared to previous FIFA games. However, what about later? EA has guaranteed fans that their next 2023 edition of EA Sports FC will continue to offer popular game modes like Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, and Volta Football. EA has also stated that EA Sports FC would contain:

  • More than 19,000 licensed players.
  • And more than 700 licensed clubs.
  • More than 100 licensed stadiums.
  • Due to over 300 existing licensing deals with different organizations and organizations across the globe, thirty licensed leagues.

In a November internal meeting, Wilson informed staff that “the FIFA brand has greater significance as a video game than a soccer governing organization. All we receive from FIFA in a non-World Cup year is the four letters on the top of the box.”

According to the same article, Wilson also alleged that the FIFA license has hindered EA Sports’ ability to expand their business, stating, “FIFA is only the name on the box, but they’ve prevented us from expanding into areas that people desire.”

FIFA has also stated that it will release an undefined number of other games in 2022 and 2023. FIFA has also acknowledged that they are actively in discussions with top game publishers, media businesses, and investors about producing a significant new FIFA simulation football game, presumably FIFA 24. It is uncertain if future FIFA games will include licensed players, teams, leagues, and tournaments, despite EA’s assertion that it has comprehensive licensing deals.

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