Coaches in FIFA arrived in Australia and increased the Emphasis on Women

The FIFA Coaches Educators’ Development Program held in Australia. And the FIFA President’s Vision 2020-2023 call for more programs like this. In a single sentence, FIFA Technical Expert Dany Ryser encapsulates the organization’s long-term ambition. And dedication to continue raising the global level of football.

With Branimir Ujevic (FIFA Director of Coaching & Player Development) and Mohamed Basir (FIFA Senior Manager in the coaching development department). Accompanying him to Australia, Ryser and his Switzerland U-17 national team coaching staff. Were in Australia last week for the latest pilot program rollout following similar events in Brazil. The United States, and Senegal.

The Coaches objective is to have 50% women players by the year 2027

During the Australian edition, there was a noticeable increase in the number of female coaches. However, football Australia’s goal is to have 50% of its female players by the year 2027. Hence the event drew a majority of female attendance. That aim is part of Australia’s legacy strategy for the FIFA Women’s World CupTM. Held in New Zealand and Australia next year. “This week has highlighted a lot of female coach educators. And coach developers, who are just beginning their journey on that coach education route,” said Rae Dower. Australia U-17 coach and Football Australia’s Women’s Technical Advisor.

Coaches need to perceive more female coach educators as a vital aspect of elevating girls in the game. And ensuring their advancement to senior positions within the industry. “As part of promoting women to leadership positions. Coaches need to see more female coach educators.” Rae Dower – Australia U-17 coach and Women’s Technical Advisor. “We hope to see a rise in the number of women playing the game beyond 2023. Despite the uproar, we want the event to have a lasting impact on the game. Not only in the short term. To meet our goal of 50% involvement among athletes. We must also consider the number of coaches we need to hire. To obtain better coaches, we must invest in coach education and training.”

Manager of talent development for Women and Girls at Football Victoria

Annick Fokchak, Football Victoria’s Talent Development Pathways Manager for Girls, says it’s crucial to have more female coaches. “coaching might be a job they can go into for female players. There should be an exact number of people in the game. And that knowledge should not be confined to the feminine area, as some have argued.

Female coaches may be able to join the male-dominated coaching field. Is there any reason not to? “Football Australia’s Technical Director Trevor Morgan stresses the need to develop. A core group of highly-trained coach educators in a country as large as Australia. While our coach education and development programs are well regarded globally, they need to evolve. To stay aware of the steadily growing nature of the game, we need to keep moving forward.

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